North American Spine: Leader in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

North American Spine is a leading health facility that specializes in simply persistent spine surgery and helps in relieving back and neck pains. It is an exclusive provider of AccuraScope procedure that to date has managed to score an 82% success rate and 96% of patients who have been treated would proudly recommend for it.

Ghost Cars: The Technology of the Future

Have you heard of the “Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation”? This is the latest in developing technology for car companies.

Jaguar has revealed their model, which is called “360 Virtual Urban Windscreen.” This technology will allow information to be displayed in front of you while driving instead of looking down at your navigation system.

It will be able to see and notify the driver of approaching pedestrians, oncoming cars in your blind spot, provide step by step directions and so much more. The goal is to prevent accidents.

Navy Successfully Tests Laser Beam That's Powerful Enough To Destroy Boats

While the whole concept of being able to utilize a rifle that fires laser beams, similarly to the weapons that were seen in Star Wars, is something that many scientists consider to be impractical in real life, the Navy recently announced that it successfully tested its Laser Weapon System, nicknames LaWS for short. My friend who contributes content to Psychology Today says this just goes to show that nothing is impossible.

US Navy Plays Laser-Tag in Arabian Gulf with New Weapon System

The ONR (Office of Naval Research) has publicly distributed a press release and video on YouTube documenting successful testing of a laser powered weapon system aboard the USS Ponce. These tests were conducted using the Laser Weapon System, LaWS for short, in the Arabian Gulf between September and November of this year.


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