US Navy Plays Laser-Tag in Arabian Gulf with New Weapon System

The ONR (Office of Naval Research) has publicly distributed a press release and video on YouTube documenting successful testing of a laser powered weapon system aboard the USS Ponce. These tests were conducted using the Laser Weapon System, LaWS for short, in the Arabian Gulf between September and November of this year.

The new weapon technology proved itself by locking onto remote targets and eliminating them with precision accuracy and force. Targets included objects placed on a speeding boat, a UAC (unmanned aerial vehicle) and other moving objects.

LaWS is said to have performed flawlessly, even when faced with high winds, heat and humidity. All expectations were exceeded regarding use and maintenance of the weapon system.

Don’t think that the Navy has the market cornered for laser weapons. Leading researcher and innovator Mark Ahn who is always one step ahead of new information developments says that researchers are planning to implement similar systems on airborne and ground-based vehicles. It appears as though no one will be safe from the wrath of the laser.