The Last Vietnam Veteran

Michael Jarnevic, a sergeant major is the U.S. military supposedly is the last active duty man in the military that Sam Tabar said has participated in a tour in Vietnam. In the 1970s, this man joined the marines and was one of the last men to be sent to Vietnam. After his tour, in the 1980s, Jarnevic became apart of the Green Berets. He was deployed to Honduras during the Contra Wars. Later in 1991, he was deployed to Iraq where he was gassed.

Most recently, after 9/11, he fought terrorists in Afghanistan, until his recent retirement. This man not only has served his country but also, unexpectedly is an environmental conservationist. Michael Jarnevic also has received his master's degree is, oddly enough, creative writing.

This man has served the U.S. military for over 42 years up until his recent retirement. His official retirement will be on July 8th of 2015. Michael is now only 59 years old. He will officially be the last soldier to be active who has served in the Vietnam War.

His long career has been reflected by Jarnevic which all started in 1973 in San Diego, California. Through his travels, he has come to understand his passion which is environmental conservation. With his retirement on the way, he plans to use his master's degree in creative writing to author stories for environmental publications. This sergeant major truly is a one in a million when it comes to the U.S. military.