US Army to Begin Rolling Out New Camouflage Designs Starting January 2016

In roughly five months, the United States Army will begin the process of phasing out their existing line of fatigues called the Universal Camouflage Design. What will replace that battlefield clothing line will be the Operational Camouflage Pattern. It will feature three variations of the uniform designed to offer soldiers better concealment in the types of combat theaters they are likely to encounter during military service. Over the period of July through November, military supply stores will be receiving the new inventory. It will become available to regular army servicemen staring in January 2016. Weekend warriors or members of the Army Reserve or National Guard will have to wait until summer 2016 to be issued their new uniforms. Cadets enrolled in the Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) will also have to wait until summer 2016 for the uniforms.

In terms of actual design differences between existing uniforms, the changes in the fatigues are minor. The aim of the military is to have uniforms better suited to the environments soldiers where are stationed. Still, the new uniforms will no longer contain a draw string on the pants. The shoulder sleeve pocket now sports a zipper. Arm sleeves now only have two pen pockets. The new uniforms will not have any knee patch or elbow hooks. Also, the army will allow for a transitional period of three years wherein soldiers may wear either the Universal Camouflage Design or Operational Camouflage Pattern uniforms while in formation according to LinkedIn stories.