Glass Ceilings Are No Match For Helane Morrison

When the proverbial feces struck the fan on Wall Street in 2007, who was there to support justice for all the people bilked of their hard-earned retirement savings, and also restored good sound business ethics in the financial sector? Helane Morrison did all that! At the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Helane Morrison worked diligently out of her San Francisco office of the SEC. Her jurisdiction was the Northwestern states Region and Northern California.

Morrison was instrumental in the thorough investigation and prosecution of the thieves of Wall Street, such as the notorious Bernie Madoff. She shattered the glass ceiling and established a new, much higher bar for business and investment market ethics, making her known around the world as an effective leader. She has been a shining example for younger women, looking to make it to the top in either law or business. It will be Helane Morrison and others like her that keep the criminal element from destroying our whole economy.

After resolving the worries on Wall Street, Morrison understood how much greater an impact she could have in private business. So, she left the SEC and accepted an offer from Hall Capital Partners (HCP) to become their Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer, as well as their General Counsel. The company is located in San Francisco and is completely woman-owned. Morrison had put in 8 very long and hard years at the SEC, which paid off for her career in a big way, especially because of the exemplary way she handled the situation on a corrupted Wall Street. It was a difficult job that often stretched her capabilities, causing her to grow into a world-class executive. Her ethics have always been and will remain, impeccable.

Helane Morrison achieved her law degree from UC Berkeley and was their Law Review's Chief Editor. Before that, she attended Chicago's Northwestern University, graduating with a BS in Journalism. After law school, she became a law clerk for judge Richard Posen at the US Court of Appeals. She also clerked for Harry Blackmun, an Associate Supreme Court Justice. She then worked hard at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin for 10 years, before being invited to work at the SEC in litigation. Find out more about Helane Morrison.