Navy Successfully Tests Laser Beam That's Powerful Enough To Destroy Boats

While the whole concept of being able to utilize a rifle that fires laser beams, similarly to the weapons that were seen in Star Wars, is something that many scientists consider to be impractical in real life, the Navy recently announced that it successfully tested its Laser Weapon System, nicknames LaWS for short. My friend who contributes content to Psychology Today says this just goes to show that nothing is impossible.

The weapon is capable of disabling or destroying small boats, UAVS and other sea based targets. One of the interesting features about the LaWS is that it can be customized to emit a warning light at enemy combatants that is relatively harmless, or it can be customized to fire deadly rounds. The laser is able to travel at the speed of light and cost approximately 1 dollar per round.

In their report, they said that they were successfully able to disable small boats that were still in motion in the sea and a Scan Eagle UAV from the sky. What's even more tantalizing about their report though, is that they said that upon firing the weapon, they were able to destroy the targets, instantaneously.

What this potentially means is that the Navy will be able to utilize this weapon for greater air defense, which is literally their weak point. As it has been demonstrated throughout the previous wars, that the biggest threats battle ships face are not from other ships, but from aerial vehicles.