Ghost Cars: The Technology of the Future

Have you heard of the “Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation”? This is the latest in developing technology for car companies.

Jaguar has revealed their model, which is called “360 Virtual Urban Windscreen.” This technology will allow information to be displayed in front of you while driving instead of looking down at your navigation system.

It will be able to see and notify the driver of approaching pedestrians, oncoming cars in your blind spot, provide step by step directions and so much more. The goal is to prevent accidents.

This technology works through the use of invisible screens inside the car that project video from outside the car. As a driver it would be like you are able to see directly through your car. Everything around the car would be visible to the driver.

While in theory this seems like a great development in technology, I can imagine some people may not find it as helpful as others. Personally Ben Shaoul would like the ease of not having to look down, and information on parking spaces and gas prices.

However, the thought of the illusion of being able to see through the metal doors may be overwhelming. While I can see the benefit of no blind spot, I think the initial adjustment process may take people some time to get used to. After all, it’s not every day you see a bicycle through your car door.