North American Spine: Leader in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

North American Spine is a leading health facility that specializes in simply persistent spine surgery and helps in relieving back and neck pains. It is an exclusive provider of AccuraScope procedure that to date has managed to score an 82% success rate and 96% of patients who have been treated would proudly recommend for it. The procedures are quite affordable thus making a projected savings of $23,190 in over five years due to reduced costs in medications and number of office visits.

According to this facility, not all spine surgery methods are equal. Actually, several “minimally invasive” methods can probably cause damage or even take off healthy tissue, and at times worsen degenerative disc ailments, that eventually would necessitate future procedures so as to rectify the damage.

Fortunately, North American Spine offers a much better solution referred to as the AccuraScope method. This procedure treats the neck, upper and lower back pain by applying higher precision that gives better treatment and allows quicker recovery compared to other minimally persistent spine procedures. North American Spine has over 8000 invasive spine patients that have undergone the AccuraScope procedure and all of them have been reported to be successful and the facility’s good record has made it to have many superior insurance companies offering insurance cover plans to patients visiting the facility.

North American Spine mission and philosophy is simply to assist as many people as they can possibly manage. It is obvious that such a statement engulfs many aspects but in their daily endeavors their mission and philosophy manifests itself by working hard to provide what is best for their patients at whatever level of interaction they engage in with the latter. This mission and philosophy makes patients to have an interest in getting procedures and treatment from this facility since it aims at giving the best to their patients.

The philosophy at North American Spine leads to a holistic and conventional approach that is designed to help patients find the most suitable care depending on their personal situations. North American Spine understands that navigating immense pool of information and alternatives may be overwhelming, hence their primary objective is to assist their patients by arming them with facts that they need to arrive at informed decisions.

In relation to the back pain treatment, this philosophy is discussed in the facility’s Continuum of care, which actually elaborates the belief that patients suffering from back pain seek treatment in an escalating order of invasiveness and peril. This continuum starts with the routine alterations in diet and keeping fit and goes further towards the conventional open-back procedure. Treatments in North American Spine are exhilarating and innovative steps in the course of providing lasting relief for many people.

For those who might be wondering what the term “continuum of care” means; it is a term used by the North American Spine to mean, the holistic, conservative way of cure that every back pain patient should use since they get relief from the symptoms of their ailments. Most early events of heightened back pain are likely to resolve by themselves if given time and enough rest. Such conditions are normally treated using the over-the-counter anti-inflammatory procedures like the ibuprofen. However, it is unfortunate that most of the patients experience a repetition of back pain mostly within the initial year. Patients with ongoing back pain are recommended to follow a particular way of treatments that vary from more to less conservative courses of treatment.