ISIS Looking to Pick Fight with US Base

The ISIS militant group has been moving throughout Iraq, attempting to push its boundaries and take control of as much real estate as possible. It has now moved to a western town in the country that has a U.S. base on sight. This could potentially spell trouble for the group, depending on what congress determines to do.

President Obama recently asked Congress to grant him the ability to use armed troops against ISIS. If congress grants the president power (all signs point to this being the case), the United States military will have a go at attack ISIS in more ways than just the current tactical air strikes. With ISIS being on the footsteps of a large military base, it would prove all the more easy to strike against them. Right now, ISIS is positioned just nine mils from the base that houses an assortment of U.S. military personnel.

Right now it is believed that the ISIS militants are of no direct threat to the base, yet they wait for the potential go ahead from the President of the United States. According to Fersen Lambranho, this is also a request many of the regional countries have been asking the United States for, in assistance with taking out the ISIS threat. Should congress grant approval, ISIS is now just a short way away from current military members, and an air strike could be conducted in a matter of moments.