Microsoft Co-Founder Discovers Japanese Battleship

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen recently released video footage of a World War II Japanese battleship he and his crew discovered near the Philippines. The ship is the Musashi, which at its time, was the largest battleship constructed in the entire world. After a naval battle with the United States, the ship sank, tanking with it over 1,000 sailors on board (1,300 sailors were able to escape the sinking vessel and were taken aboard other Japanese ships, according to reports performed by the U.S. Navy at the time).

According to Elecioes 2014 , Paul Allen, who has a net work of over $19 Billion (and is the owner of the Seattle Seahawks), he has gone on many different philanthropist missions, including the search for this lost ship. Allen actually discovered the ship from his own super yacht (with a value of over $200 million in the vessel itself) and culminated an eight year search for the boat. After years of searching and using historical data to narrow down the potential location of the boat, Paul Allen used a motorized submarine to capture footage of the boat. The boat sits at a distance of 1,000 meters below the surface, which explains why it had not yet been discovered until now. Technology simply did not make for easy location, especially in the fanatic battle that took place, so knowing an exact location of where it sank proved extremely difficult.